311 North Foch Street, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, 87901

TCCT is hosting a Murder Mystery dinner July 24, 2021 at 6 pm at the theatre house, 311 N Foch St. 575-740-2174. This is a limited event and open to women  (unless some of you gents wish to portray a woman.) It is a private party of eight plus a facilitator and a server.

Dinner consists of Chicken Cordon Bleu, sweet potato fries, salad, dinner rolls, dessert and drink. Costumes are preferred but not necessary. Reservations must be at least 48 hours in advance so we can be sure we have supplies for the dinner. 

The event will be $25 per participant paid at the door or in advance.The scenario and dinner guest list are below. If you have questions or wish to sign up, please call Carol Anton at 575-740-2174. If the game is not filled by July 21, the event will be cancelled....So sign up early with your preference of character and method of payment. The roles for the mystery are filled in a first-come-first served manner.


It is the 10th anniversary celebration of the Loopey Beauty Shop, a special day indeed, since some said the celebration would never happen. Especially after the beauty shop relocated this year to that old Victorian house in downtown Looslypes, Louisiana, a home once owned by Miss Meara Unkinde, a woman whose deathbed promise was to haunt the beauty shop and wreak havoc on the hair of all who entered there.

Plus, there has also been mention of some missing jewels, a decades-old mystery somewhat connected to one of Loopey Lady’s best customer, Kat E. Cauldhart. None-the-less, life goes on at the Loopey Lady, as does the trimming, teasing, detangling, highlighting, lowlighting, perming , and oh, yes...let’s not forget the dyeing...

Please pick your character from the following list:

FAULLEEN SIZZORZE -  is the lovely and lively owner of the Loopey Lady Beauty Shop. A savvy businesswoman who has survived the ups and downs of the Looslypes, Louisiana economy, she's managed to bring her business, as well as her customers' hair, to new heights. Hardworking and headstrong, Faulleen is the queen of customer service.

GILDA D. NAILSON -  is the Loopey Lady's manicurist. But she's also an amateur psychic, as well as an aspiring actress who has appeared in the local community theatre's production of Edgar Allen: a Poe-trait o/'Fright. Giddy, gregarious and grandiose, Gilda is the ultimate glamour girl and simply adores Blitz.

COCO COIFFURE -  is a new girl in town, having moved into the decrepit old DeDaye home, which holds as much dust as it does ill-fated history. Mysterious, moody and often melodramatic, Coco is quick to change the subject when the questions are directed at her. And of course, she's a constant customer at the Loopey Lady Beauty Shop.

BARRI BOUFFANT -  is a beautiful and boisterous benefactor, a woman whose heart is as big as the hairdo atop her head. She is the founder of the Let the Large Lizards Live Society, for which she hosts a charity ball at her own mansion every year. Bubbly and bodacious, Band is partial to anything big, including big jewelry, big dresses, big handbags, and of course, big bucks.

TEASANNE KOMBE -  is a hair stylist at the Loopey Lady Beauty Shop. Sassy, stunning and sophisticated, Teasanne has studied the art of haute coiffure in such high fashion centers as Paris and N lilan. She recently returned to the Loopey Lady Beauty Shop, the salon where she first learned to trim, tease and detangle.

RUBY REDHEDD -  is a ravishing redhead as well as a reporter for the local Looslpes Herald. Flashy, famous and fearless, she's got the guts to go for the important exposes. Some say she has the total package: brains, ambition, and beauty, and that one day she'll be an anchor on a major network news station.

FLO Z. FRIZZEE  - is the shop's stylist who specializes in the art of perming. Big or small, she'll curl them all. Ingenious, elegant and slightly introverted, Flo is a whiz when it comes to chemical applications, and she's never afraid to try out the latest technology, all in the name of hair science.

HARRIET HILITE - is the wife of the wealthiest doctor in town, and an activist member of the local Gamma Gabba Gabba women’s sorority. Refined, regal and ravishing, Harriet has an absolute gift for gossip and is considered a well-connected link in Looslype’s grapevine. She is a weekly customer of the Loopy Lady, and whether she dresses up or dresses down, she only wears designer duds and her finest jewelry.