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Dracula’s Bite on the Side

Dracula’s Bite on the Side

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TCCT will once again host a Murder Mystery Dinner/Game at the theatre house, 311 N Foch St, T or C, October 23, 6:00 pm. 

The game is Dracula’s Bite on the Side and the invitation for the game reads:

Castle Dracula

Kilemov, Transylvania 

The pleasure of your company is requested 

at a dinner to celebrate the betrothal of

 Count Dracula’s ward, Bella Kashiascu,

 to Ivan Evenstich 

on 21st of December 1893, at 8 pm. 


The Characters are:

 BARONESS BLIEKHARDT – Rich, glamorous, and imperious, the Baroness lives in a lavish mansion off the village square. The eldest daughter of a local nobleman, in her youth she was the intended bride of Count Dracula. However, in her nineteenth year, she met Baron Bliekhardt while attending the Season in the capital, Massaka, and they were swiftly married. They were renowned in cosmopolitan society as a dazzling couple, but, tragically, the Baron was killed in a riding accident; the Baroness returned to her home district, and now leads an almost reclusive existence. The Count is one of the few friends with whom she still has contact. She habitually wears a heavy veil, but beneath it is a stunning beauty.

COUNT DRACULA – Last descendant of the noble house of Dracula, which has ruled the village for ten centuries, the Count is a cultured, highly educated man, who does his best to live down the notorious curse of local legend. Modern in outlook, and interested in developments in science, politics and the arts, he makes a determined effort to encourage the villagers to abandon their old suspicions. He enjoys the company of fellow intellectuals, and holds regular soirees at his castle high on the hill. He offered his ward, Bella, a home with him seven years ago, when her parents, old friends of his, both died of typhoid, and is renowned for his kindness towards her.

ROMANY GEREMOV – Something of an enigma. No one knows where she came from, but now she lives alone in a colorful caravan at the edge of the woods, just outside the village. She earns a living selling cutlery, trinkets, flowers and potions, and also goes to the cottage once a day to cook for the doctor and his assistant, Ivan. Dark and voluptuous, with flashing eyes and a fiery temperament, she is ardently lusted after by the men of the village, but is well able to deal with unwelcome advances. The language of KIlemov is not her native tongue and she speaks with a thick accent which her admirers find irresistible.

DOCTOR FRANKENSTEIN – Eminent among his peers, Dr. Frankenstein is regarded as a maverick by the medical establishment, because of his fascination with unorthodox new surgical procedures. He moved to the area five years ago, giving up a glittering post at a celebrated university, in order to concentrate on his ground- breaking research. The doctor also tends to the everyday medical needs of the villagers, who view his brilliance with both respect and apprehension. He lives in a secluded cottage in the woods, which he shares with Ivan, his young assistant.

KLINA KYCZINZINKA (pronounced ‘Kitchensinka’) was born in the village and went into home service as a scullery maid at the castle when she was a child. Loyal, capable, and willing, she rose steadily through the ranks of staff, and is now proud of her position as Housekeeper at Castle Dracula. A warm, homely soul, renowned for her distinctive cackling laugh, she ensures that the fires blaze brightly, linen is crisp, glass sparkling, and guests ever-welcome. In her youth, she married one of the Count’s grooms, but he later left her to join the army, and was reported killed in action. Unable to bear children of her own, she regards herself as a surrogate mother to Bella.

IVAN EVENSTICH – Young and strikingly handsome, he is regarded by the ladies as quite a catch. An outstanding student in medical college in Massaka, Ivan had long admired Dr. Frankenstein’s work, and, on graduating, persistently applied to become the doctor’s assistant. His family is well-connected, and he had been expected to join the fashionable practice in town; however, he appears to thrive on the quieter challenges of life in Kilemov. He has been in the area for about five years, and was introduced to Bella by his mentor, Dr. Frankenstein, a good friend of the count. He and Bella have recently become engaged. Ian shares a woodland cottage with the doctor.

FRAULEIN VON STERNHANDLING – She came to the castle seven years ago, accompanying the 12-year-old Bella, as governess. Of brisk Germanic temperament, she is keen on discipline, thrift, fresh air, exercise, and no nonsense.  She has a strong personality, and an almost missionary zeal for education, which lead her to treat everyone, including the Count and his friends, as if they were her pupils. Guests at the castle are often amazed at the Count’s tolerance of this, but he applauds her intellectual enthusiasm. In her personal habits, however, Fraulein Von Sternhandling is rather eccentric; her daily routine follows strict rituals, and she keeps a pet hawk (uncaged) in her room in the castle tower.

HERR MUNSTER – A jovial extrovert, Herr Munster owns and runs the Cave Inn, a large, bustling establishment, which holds pride of place in the village square. Popular, generous, and always active in local affairs, he has been elected Mayor for the last five years, and clearly enjoys his civic duties. His wife used to help him run the inn, but he is now widowed. His appearance testifies to his love of food and drink, and his good humor makes him popular with the ladies; the locals speculate that he might marry again, but he seems content with his busy social life within the community. Herr Munster is a regular guest at the castle.


I am taking reservations now. This game will be both men and women. Price remains at $25 per person.  If you have dietary restrictions, please let me know and adjustments will be made.

Event registration closed.

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