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Pushing Up the Daisies

Pushing Up the Daisies

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Saturday, February 19 at 6 pm at the theater house. Reservations are required and if the game is not filled by February 16, it will be canceled

MUMSY WORDE – Mumsy is the President of the Phunguss Flats Garden Club. With her husband currently serving in the Armed Forces overseas, Mumsy has found other activities to keep her occupied and to support  the War effort. Known to be as cultured as she is charismatic, she dresses in the latest of Paris fashions. 

BARB WYRE – Barb is the Secretary of the Garden Club, and holds office in nearly every guild, league and sorority in town. Both pretty and openly opinionated, she is married to the Mayor, the wealthiest man in Funguses Flats. Yet despite her privilege, Barb prides herself on having perfected the art of self-sacrifice. She prefers to wear dresses with large flowered-prints and hats to match. 

SCHYE SPHINSTERE – Schye is the Garden Club’s treasurer, as well as the town’s librarian. Sweet, shy and somewhat secretive, she’s an avid reader of romance novels and is still waiting for a prince on a Palomino to whisk her away. And while she’s waiting for our military men to return state-side, Schye is active in the War effort, keeping the home fires hot. She wears mostly skirts and sweaters. 

AUNTIE PAUSTO – Auntie is as famous for her pasta as she is for her petunias. A first generation Italian-American, Auntie Pausto is proud of her heritage. And though she works part-time as a cook at the Phunguss Cafe, her family remains her number one priority. Lovely and lively, she prefers lace to linen, and owns an apron for every occasion.

DAISY FLINGER – Daisy is the illustrious and affluent heiress to the great Flinger Darning Machine fortune. Never married, she lives in her mansion with a multitude of cats and claims: “You can never be too rich or have too many tabbies.” While she wears the latest 40s fashions, she believes she is never dressed until she is adorned with diamonds.

SHAR P KNEDELZ – is an army nurse who is home from the front lines, having recently returned from the trenches of war-torn Europe. Caring, compassionate, and comely, Shar joined the Garden Club thanks to her interest in the medicinal uses of plants. Proud of her profession, she wears her nurse’s uniform wherever she goes.

IMA GARDNER  – is a gorgeous and glamorous movie star who calls Phunguss Flats her home whenever she’s not working on her latest film. Hailed by Hollywood Today magazine as “the brightest star bound to burn out before her time,” she is one of the most sought after celebrities in America. Because of her fame, she absolutely, positively, in no-way and under-no-circumstances goes anywhere without wearing her makeup, as well as the most up-to-date, eye-catching attire. 

SISTER CEL I. BETT– is new to the local nunnery, run by the Sisters of Incessant Anguish. Having recently relocated from New York, Sister Cel is thoughtful and intelligent, and enjoys a wide range of interests from science to foreign languages. Though she’s an outspoken activist for peace, she rallies behind the efforts of the Allied Forces. Of course, she wears nothing but her nun’s habitat.

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